Janette Drysdale

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Janette Drysdale's "Endless Love" Fine Art Print product

Endless Love

"Endless Love combines a couple of my loves, swimming pools and sailing. I wanted to combine these with my signature beach ball, complete with reflections running through the sparkling pool. One can imagine a sailing regatta on the turquoise ocean."
Janette Drysdale's "She Makes My Day" Fine Art Print product

She Makes My Day

"In "She Makes my Day", I wanted to have a striking painting with solid lines and colour, combined with intricate details, like the wrinkles in the towel and the details in the objects. Something to draw you in, to have a closer look. One detail that some viewers may see, is the signature in the painting of the girl in the red dress. I used my Maiden name, as a nod to both my Dad and my Grandfather, both were artists. "
Black Swan by Janette Drysdale Fine Art Print Product

Black Swan

"I loved painting this as it has so many elements of the area I grew up in. Jacaranda trees that create a beautiful bloom each year, the black swans and of course the iconic Raffles Hotel. The house is pure fantasy, looking out the city of Perth on the beautiful Swan River."
Janette Drysdale's La Mer Fine Art Print Product

La Mer

"I love all shades of pink. I love the ocean and I love to travel. In these times, when this has not been possible, I’ve immersed myself into painting my own reality with a sprinkling of fantasy, to create my perfect place."
Janette Drysdale | Le Ciel Fine Art Print Product

Le Ciel

"When asked what some of my favourite colours are, pink is high on the list. Plus the blue of the sky and the blue / green of the sea. “Le Ciel” is a combination of perfectly harmonious colours that can only lift my mood."
Janette Drysdale's Luminosite Fine Art Print Product


"I love to paint the ocean, I love how the sun casts a magical luminous light through the water that dances onto the sand below. Painting this work allowed me to combine my love of the colour pink and my love of the ocean."
Meet You at the Pool by Janette Drysdale Fine Art Print Product

Meet You at the Pool

"This painting has in it so many things that I love about life; colour, water, clouds, shadows, palm trees, green grass, all wrapped up in a painting that is the epitome of a perfect beach holiday."
Checking In by Janette Drysdale Fine Art Print Product

Checking In

"Whilst the scene and building are from my imagination, the name of the hotel “Ocean Club” comes from the Bond movie “Casino Royale”. I love a bit of fantasy in my life and painting allows that every day!"
Janette Drysdale's "The World's Alright with Me" print product

The World’s Alright with Me

"One of the things I love most about painting is giving 3d life to a scene. The use of perspective and shadows excite me in my work. I love to paint a simple object in a way that the viewer can feel like they are there, in the scene."

Janette Drysdale- Bio

Janette is a contemporary West Australian Artist. Painting with oil paints she uses shape, colour, light and perspective to give life to
a simple scene. Each painting is created to capture a moment in time whereby the viewer can interpret the back story of the work or can project their own experience onto the painting.

The stories in Janette’s work can often be illuminated by her detailed placement of people, birds or objects within the scene.

Janette has a passion for combining pop art and realism.

The contrast between the blue sky and a crisp building, a coloured deck chair against a sunlit path are a couple of examples of everyday scenes that excite and drive her passion. To capture that moment on canvas in the way that the artist sees the world is her continuing aim in her painting career.