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Dainis Zakis' "Mountain House" Acrylic on Canvas artwork for sale

Mountain House

"A warmly lit house sits on top of the mountain. Contrasted by the use of cool blue skies and the refreshing aquas of the water, the house is illuminated with ranges of orange and yellow, bringing a subtle tenderness and calm to the atmosphere of what lies within."
Mixed Pleasures by Gray Fine Art Print product

Mixed Pleasures

"I chose the name for this work to convey my enjoyment of painting a bouquet of Indigenous Australian flowers. The work conveys not only bold form and colour, but also fascinating texture. I painted the flowers against a matt black background, the colour of which drips down over a layer of silver to add a sense of contemporary glamour ."
Rachelle Dusting's Reflections Print Product


"Reflections was painted during the most uncertain time in my lifetime. It was my reminder to be courageous in the face of uncertainty, to become faith-filled and dive deep into uncharted waters in hopes to becoming closer to the dreams settled deep in my heart."
Sanaz Valizadeh's Flash of Rememberance Print

Flash of Remembrance

"I painted Anahita not just because she is incredibly beautiful but also because to me she represents a woman of strenght, forgiveness and independence. "Flash of Remembrance" is my view of her bitter-sweet memory thinking "But I remember the rare tone calling my name such a sweet sin"."
Corinne Lewis' Free as a Bird to settle where I will canvas print product

Free as a Bird to settle where I will

"This work depicts the relationship between a glamorous young woman and her pet birds. An intriguing narrative is created by her obvious glamour, her laid-back attitude, and her relaxed stance in the presence of her pet birds, who gather around her."
Liz Gray's Ascension fine art print product


"In Ascension, I've painted the moment the underwater swimmer begins her ascent to the surface. She is in the quiet world of cobalt and cerulean blues and the light from the surface of the water streams down into the depths, drawing her upwards. "
Sanaz Valizadeh's Light Fine Art Print Product


"The light on Julianna's face that reflects hope draws my focus to paint her portrait in parallel with Persian poet Hafez saying "I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being"."
Sanaz Valizadeh's Things are looking up Fine Art Print Product

Things are Looking Up

"Julianna is a Brazilian model. I painted her strength in parallel with Persian poet Hafez saying "arrived the glad tidings that grief's time shall not remain, like that Joy's time remained not; like this grief time shall not remain"."
Liz Gray's Morning Glory fine art print product

Morning Glory

"In Morning Glory, I've juxtaposed impasto paint with thin washes of oil paint, to convey a powerful sensory perception of white peonies. The work portrays both the delicate transluscency of these flowers as well as their complex forms. "
Christin Lutze's Green Arcadia fine art print product

Green Arcadia

"I present an interior. The room is theoretically walkable, but the perspectives are distorted and unreal. The soft colors with warm and earthy tones make this work very harmonious."
Liz Gray's Scarlet Opium fine art print product

Scarlet Opium

"In Scarlet Opium, I've explored the headiness of a poppy field. By using impasto paint applied by palette knife and freely flowing washes, the work conveys something of the intensity of both the colour and textures asssociated with a poppy field. "
Sanaz Valizadeh's It’s ok to be scared Print

It’s ok to be scared

"In this painting I wanted to show Anahita's vulnerability where she finds comfort behind her silence Sign. "I want to be here away from burning bites of fire ants" she replies when I ask about her plans for future."
Dainis Zakis' "Two Windows" Acrylic on Canvas artwork for sale

Two Windows

"His modern approach is intentional in provoking a response from the observer. Eluding to the idea that our curious tendencies incentivize us to know what is behind the curtains, encouraging the observer to ask, who occupies the space within?"
Noemi Safir's My Play Print Product

My Play

"The curtain is up, a new show begins. You put on a new face, a new heart, a new play. You hear the applause and know that for now it is over. But tomorrow it will start again."
Sanaz Valizadeh's Sending Wishes Print Product

Sending Wishes

"I painted confetti blown away into the sky by Olivia sending wishes of happiness. My focus was to symbolize happiness with the colorful Confetti representing all cultures and the playfulness of the subject."
Sanaz Valizadeh's Make a Wish Print Product

Make a Wish

"I painted dandelions blown away into the sky by the subject making a wish for prosperity and new beginnings. My focus was to present the subject as a free-spirited soul and of an innocent look through detailed brushes"
Liz Gray's Archipelago Girl Fine Art Print Product

Archipelago Girl

"Pop iconography joins forces with Australian wildflowers to create a powerful contemporary work. Set against an ivory black background over a silver underlayer, the Archipelago girl’s gaze is unflinching, as she immerses herself in the wild beauty of the land. "
Sanaz Valizadeh's Dedication Print Product


"Sunflowers share traits and symbiosis with certain insects such as bees. I completed sunflower series by painting it with the bee, the symbol of devotion and dedication, as well as happiness. Colors work hand in hand like "Mother Nature" to present dedication."
Cameron Richards' Labyrinth Fine Art Print Product


"Meg sits poised, waiting for me to organise my camera after a couple of hours of chatting and photographing. I take the photo, where I seem to capture a moment of reflection, maybe even boredom. I couldn't resist painting the quiet moment of honesty. "
Danais Zhakis' "Dayton House" 2023 Acrylic on Canvas artwork for sale

Dayton House

"Strong geometric lines are complemented by the random depiction of the trees. The coldness generated by the tones in the house and surrounds is countered by the warm representation of the internal elements, inviting one to step inside."
Sanaz Valizadeh's Love across the Ocean Print Product

Love across the Ocean

"I presented the subject as being warm and safe at home but missing someone special. Although the other side of the window is the opposite, she maintained her graceful look in pursuit of love and hope."
Rachelle Dusting's Unfold Print Product


"In Unfold I explore the dance of being grace-filled through pain. Hands are both a challenge and such a reward to paint and are a great vessel to express emotion through. Unfold demonstrates the tension between vulnerability and strength, and the hope that is stirred towards a new day."
Cameron Richards' Miss Priya Premkumar Fine Art Print Product

Miss Priya Premkumar

"From the beginning I set out to capture the strong, nearly stern expression I seen Priya hold many times before. Her expression gave glimpses of her personality, the background intimately explained part of her story and heritage."
Sanaz Valizadeh's Peace Print Product


"In 1996, sunflowers were planted in the locations where there had previously been nuclear missile silos because they help to remove radioactive toxins from the environment. I painted a little boy in sunflowers to present piece. I captured his connection with this symbolic flower while he has hope for the peaceful future."
Sanaz Valizadeh's Optimism Print Product


"I painted the positive vibes that this flower sends and brings more joy to put a smile on someone’s face. The little girl is looking at the bright side of sunflower that presents life in general. I wanted to show a generation that smiles at the environment and an environment that appreciates the smile."
Cameron Richards' Bemba Baby Fine Art Print Product

Bemba Baby

"The model, named Hlambase, hails from Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, where a large amount of the Bemba tribe resides. The Bemba tribe is the largest ethnic group of Zambia, ruled by the Chitimukulu. Hlambase is also a princess of the Bemba people."
Liz Gray's Leap of Faith Fine Art Print Product

Leap of Faith

" "Leap of Faith" was the perfect title with which to start 2022. We all need a bit of faith and determination for a new year. Using water as a metaphor in this work, I've tried to convey the sense of peace that follows a right decision. Sometimes we all have to let go a little and simply take the plunge! "
Noemi Safir's Red Head Print Product

Red Head

"In this piece I was trying to stay true to the mystery and innocence I felt in this girl. It looked as she grew up so fast and is ready to challenge everything and everyone in this world. Just stay true to yourself...."
Cameron Richards' Glow Fine Art Print Product


"After meeting Még I looked further into Maurtius’ fascinating history, which like much of the world holds tragedy through the processes of colonisation. Through the backdrop of her portrait you’ll find glimpses of this history, but more so depictions and symbols of her beautifully diverse heritage and the pride she holds for them."
Sanaz Valizadeh's Julianna Fine Art Print Product


"When I met Julianna Mattos, I found her facial features fascinating to paint. She is a talented Brazilian model not only with natural beauty but also full of strength and inspiration that can be noticed in her portrait."
Christin Lutze's Wake of Perspectives fine art print product

The Wake of Perspectives

"I love playing with perspectives. I have transformed an imagined surreal space and the landscape, viewed from different points and perspectives, into an independent figurative structure."
Cameron Richards' Mother, Daughter, Sisters Fine Art Print Product

Mother, Daughter, Sister

"Hlambase is a Zambian Australian. When I first met her, I got a strong impression of a very happy and inclusive woman, whose energy is contagious. My impression was quite accurate, but as the layers of her story were revealed there layed a longing."
Corinne Lewis' Pascal Pascal Product

Pascal, Pascal

"The green parrot perched on the head of a beautiful woman who is also dressed in the same vivid green, depicts the intimate bond between woman and bird. Here, the parrot almost seems like an extension of the woman and emphasises the intuitive and the multi-hued resonance that is nature itself."
Rachelle Dusting's Horizons Print Product


"In Horizons I wanted to embody the tension of being present whilst stirring hope towards the future. The painting depicts a woman gazing outwards beyond the dimensions of the canvas and into the far off distance. Is she contemplating her past? What does she feel towards it?"

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