Corinne Lewis

Fashion, females, fabric, and jewelry are the aesthetic concerns of Corinne’s work.
The setting is firmly rooted in the film and literary noirs of the 40s and 50s.

Each work takes place in the close and intimate interiors dominated by a solitary female figure.
The dim artificial lighting is evocative of a city at night. This is a city populated with femme fatales often in an ambiguous state of dress or undress. Hardboiled men are ever absent from the scene or just out of the picture but their presence is recurrently implied.

The works ooze sensuality and glamour but are often underscored by a darker narrative. Where there is a narrative it is always obscured, much like the female form adorned in clothing and jewelry.

This is a highly stylised vision of femininity suggesting both fragility and sexual power. It is an ephemeral vision set in an epoch where all popular cultural ideas about femininity were about to shatter into the feminist resurgence of the 1960’s.

Corinne’s friends are her models. She styles them in her own fashion and accessories. A collector of vintage wares for many years, Corinne adorns her models to create her original paintings.

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