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In Ascension, I’ve painted the moment the underwater swimmer begins her ascent to the surface. She is in the quiet world of cobalt and cerulean blues and the light from the surface of the water streams down into the depths, drawing her upwards.

Checking In

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“Whilst the scene and building are from my imagination, the name of the hotel “Ocean Club” comes from the Bond movie “Casino Royale”. I love a bit of fantasy in my life and painting allows that every day!”

One Day at a Time

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Sometimes life gets overloaded, Too many things happening at the same time. When you take one day at a time things are getting clearer and more enjoyable.

Things are Looking Up

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“Julianna is a Brazilian model. I painted her strength in parallel with Persian poet Hafez saying “arrived the glad tidings that grief’s time shall not remain, like that Joy’s time remained not; like this grief time shall not remain”.”

Vanitas with Goat Skull

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Vanitas is a distinct painting tradition from the 17th and 18th century rich with symbolism. Here I explore the passage of time, life and death with a series of found objects including a goat skull and fresh-cut flowers.

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Noemi Safir

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1971, Noemi Safir lives and works in Tel-Aviv, Israel. She studied the art of painting at the Institute of Art, Bat-Yam, Israel.

Noemi’s rich sense of colour emerges from her own reflection of life with both its beauty and its struggle intertwined. It is her colourful pallet, the modern mega-pixel fragmentation of the image defining her painting technique and the breathtaking size of her artwork that makes her art unique, memorable and possibly imposing.

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