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Andrew Tischler

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Andrew Tischler's Milford Sound Fine Art Print Product

Milford Sound, NZ

"Milford Sound is one of New Zealand's most iconic scenes. Here, I endeavored to capture this dramatic landscape in his signature style, incorporating traditional techniques with a multitude of glazes, creating the effect of light shining through the parting clouds."
Andrew Tischler's The Rose Garden Fine Art Print Product

The Rose Garden

""The Rose Garden" is my tribute to the great John William Waterhouse and his iconic painting "The Soul of the Rose" painted in 1908. Here I reimagined the scene incorporating a model and plenty of props, using traditional techniques, varying the thickness of the layers to communicate surface texture and form."
Andrew Tischler's Vanitas with Goat Skull Fine Art Print Product

Vanitas with Goat Skull

"Vanitas is a distinct painting tradition from the 17th and 18th century rich with symbolism. Here I explore the passage of time, life and death with a series of found objects including a goat skull and fresh-cut flowers."
Andrew Tischler's The Unbridled Sea Fine Art Print Product

The Unbridled Sea

"I am particularly drawn to the coast. Here this scene was largely painted from imagination. The Glassy wave is created using a series of fine glazes and textured white to create the voluminous sea foam."
Andrew Tischler's A Winters Morning Fine Art Print Product

A Winter’s Morning

"The rural landscape covered in frost, punctuated with picturesque trees was an inviting subject for me. I painted this scene shortly after relocating to Lawrence on the South Island of New Zealand, using texture and light to communicate depth, incorporating thin glazes separating masses in the composition."
Andrew Tischler's Midday Radiance Fine Art Print Product

Midday Radiance

"This painting depicts the isolated coast of Western Australia's South West. It's a wild and rough sea here, but the color of the water makes it inviting! This painting incorporates one of my favorite things to paint, a teal-tinged glowing wave, typical of the Albany region."
Andrew Tischler's "Wayne" fine art print product


"Wayne is a talented photographer and deep thinker from Dunedin, NZ. I thought he would make an incredible painting and I was initially thinking of the Apostle Paul. In this portrait, I was primarily concerned with the textures, especially the beard. A special brush was devised as an applicator to create coarse hair in the light."
Andrew Tischler's "Stephanie" fine art print product


"Stephanie looks as though she stepped out of a 19th-century master painting. I was drawn to her classical facial features, reminiscent of a Waterhouse painting. This painting was a study using the Zorn palette, pioneered by Anders Zorn, a Swedish master; only 4 colors were used! Ivory Black, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red, and Lead White were combined to create volume within the portrait."
Andrew Tischler's "Tuhoe" fine art print product


"Tuhoe AKA “True Red”, is an ex Mongrel Mob gang leader from New Zealand who was transformed when he gave his life to Jesus Christ. I found him to be a fascinating subject for a painting. I find stories of redemption inspiring and I endeavored to capture that spirit on the canvas."

Andrew Tischler- Bio

Andrew Tischler was born in Texas in 1983 and expressed an obsession for art from a young age. Relocating to New Zealand, and then swiftly to Western Australia, Tischler developed an interest in this newfound landscape and unique flora and fauna. The Western Australian Landscape, particularly the Pilbara and The Kimberely region inspired Tischler immensely.

Since embarking on a career as a professional artist from the age of 21, Tischler has worked on his craft intensely, striving to master many aspects of traditional realist painting.

Many artist-in-residencies, exhibitions and commissions later, Andrew Tischler’s work is held in private collections worldwide.

In recent years Andrew has discovered a passion for teaching his craft in classes, workshops and now with his online video series that can be found on YouTube. His online lessons have been seen by millions of people worldwide.

Tischler currently resides in the South Island of New Zealand.

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